Saturday, June 30, 2007

Once Again In The Hot Sun!

The kids all decided it was time to do the Slip `n Slide at 5 o'clock at night. After the baseball game. Still 90 outside m&d let them do it while they finished the fence. The Bastian kids all came over and we all played. Joseph and Maya are still out there trying to do the "Tunnel"

Come and play on the Slip`n Slide with us!!!


Today Michael had an Allstar's game. They won 10 to 4! To the best team in the league! wow! Michael was the picther for 4 innings. He was amazing! He only gave up two runs. Can you say amazing... i can! He is the best picther on the team! It is so much fun to watch him play. He has another game on the 4th at 4:15 so call about 7 our time and ask how it went!
Love you all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Time!!

Michael is so SWEET!! He told Craig that he would watch his dog for him while he went to work. So he is setting under the slide with the dog. 

Now that Summer is here... we have decided to get the Slip`n Slide out and have all of the kids from our ward come and slide down our hill. And this can all happen for a very small price of 5 bucks a person. ;) At 90 degrees almost very day it is nice to be able to get a little cool down from the water. There are 14 kids that have decided they were too hot and needed to cool off at the Evans' house! And still more coming!
(Bri do you remember when you would charge people to do the Slip`n Slide?) ((Hope it brings back memories!)) 

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

your tiny sister

Yippie I now eat 6 ounces at 11pm and sleep until 7am my mom and dad in their golden years can now sleep like all of their old friends.  I'm getting very cute and have joseph's cheeks...thank you all for loving and praying for me.  I still need to get my lungs better and my heart to heal so please keep praying for me.  I love you, emmalee

First Come First Serve!

This is a picture from the Night Grade Night Dance on May 11.

In the Begining

And their off..... Start blogging and sharing spiritual thoughts, pics of the kids, sport updates, MOM MESSAGES (i suggest a weekly mom message to her kids) and DAD DIRECTIONS (i also suggest a weekly dad direction to the kids as well as any lesson preps or FHE that you do). This will also be fun so that we can all update our own and then look at everyone else. I will put one up for Scott and Tiff and Jared and Les and Mark also.... Who knows, maybe some day craig.. I hope that you take a few moments each day or every other day to keep us up to date. I will include links to the other fam members along with your page... Happy BBQing... bri