Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lisa, Michael, Paul, and Joseph all got their tonsils out in the month of August. Yes, all four at the same time. it was great fun. Michael got it done then ten days later the other three finished the month off by getting their's taken out. It was a good thing Stacey was around to help out. It would have been super hard without her. Thank you Stacey.
These are a couple pictures for the fun times at the hospital.
Also, Grace started Dance at The Pointe in Highland and is having so much fun with that!
Dad and Lisa. She was not taking it well.
Emmalee go into the lotion.
Grace at the Pointe

Lisa worked on her shoes while she waited for her turn.

PaRk FuN!

We had a ton of fun today! it's starting to get colder outside. So we decided to go to the park one last time before it gets too cold!

Alpine has a huge new park by the grade school. So this is the park we went to! It is so much fun!!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Preference :D

Yesterday January 16, 2010 was preference and it was so much fun!! danced all night long and had myself an amazing night!